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What We Do

We enhance law firms' internal workflows by implementing cutting-edge legal technologies such as virtual minute books, process/document automation, and industry-oriented artificial intelligence.

Our services are tailored to each firm's distinct needs and capabilities, ensuring seamless integration and maximized efficiency.

Why Choose Us

With a deep understanding of both legal practices, technological solutions,  and regulatory requirements, we are uniquely positioned to work effectively with industry professionals as we guide them in exploring and implementing the most relevant legal technologies. Our comprehensive approach empowers law firms to embrace the future of legal practice, optimizing their processes and driving their success.

Unprompted Feedback 

“Hey Andy, I wanted to give you a shout out on your work with the Quebec docs... they were all very well documented so hours on my side was done in 30 minutes. Amazing job on those!”

"I greatly appreciate your services and the quality of your work."

"The revised organizational documents and annual resolution documents you sent work perfectly."

"You did such a fantastic job on coding the organizational set up documents that we are hoping to have more documents coded!"

"I am so grateful for having been introduced to you!"

"I connected with Andy Chiang on our stock certificates… . He is absolutely wonderful. A very smart man but also down to earth and to the point. He is worth his weight in gold."

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